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The Battalion

Cole Sloan, business freshman

What is your Aggie story?

My Aggie story is that I come from a family not necessarily full of Aggies, but enough. My stepdad is an Aggie, and growing up here in College Station. I got to witness all of the traditions such as A&M football games, I got to make it to a couple Midnight Yells and I thought the entire world revolved around Texas A&M. Whenever it came time to apply for colleges, it was the only college that I applied to. This is the only place I knew was home, this town I couldn't leave it. 

What organizations are you involved with?

I currently serve as the executive vice president for the freshman class, I'm in the Aggie Men’s Club and then through a FLO called Fish Aides that I'm in I serve on the committee for Big Event.

Why are you running for class president, and why do you think you are qualified for this position?

I'm running to be your sophomore class president because I want to connect Aggies at a school as large as ours with nearly 70,000 students. It's really hard to feel that small-town college feel, College Station is not a very big place. I'm running to be sophomore class president to help bridge the gap between Wehner and Zachry. I believe that all Aggies should have connections to student government to class councils to opportunities that will help them professionally and socially I want as class president to bring these opportunities closer and into the forefront of students’ minds so that students after they graduate don't say, ‘Oh I wish I would have known about that’ but they can know about it today and they can get involved.

What is your campaign platform?

The Connect with Cole campaign is simple. You want to connect to Aggies with job opportunities and internship opportunities through the Aggie Network. Connect students with organizational opportunities such as men's orgs, fraternities. We want those kinds of things to be in the forefront of students Minds so that they can get plugged in socially and then also I want to connect students with each other. 

It's not just through organizations or through professional opportunities that students should be connected but here Texas A&M being a student is involvement we want things like Pull Out Day next year or this year's Fish Fest to be as amazing as possible so that you can have the best Aggie experience and be able to meet your peers you don't have to join something we want being a member here at Texas A&M to be your involvement as well. 

Why do you think students should vote for you? 

It's been an honor serving as your freshman class executive vice president. Through the relationships that I already have within Class Councils and within SGA, I believe that a vote for me is a vote to continue building upon the progress that we've made this freshman year moving into the future 

Campaign slogan 

Connect with Cole.

If you could hang out with any former student who would it be and why?

I really love the work that Greg Abbott has done. I also would love to meet guys like Rick Perry. I would love to work in government one day and Rick Perry just should be a cool guy to get to know him to see how he did it

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