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Think your music taste somehow makes you different? Opinion writer Isabella Garcia says being unique is an illusion. (Photo by Kyle Heise/The Battalion)

Opinion: The myth of uniqueness

Isabella Garcia, Opinion Writer April 16, 2024

You’re basic. It’s thought that the term “basic bitch” originated from a 2009 video of Lil Duval standing on a toilet in front of his mother's shower curtain, wherein he proceeded to degrade...

Why do participation trophies exist? Opinion columnist Bj Barnes says we need to reevaluate how we look at shortcomings. (Graphic by Caroline Dollar/The Battalion)

Opinion: Why does everyone get a participation trophy?

Bj Barnes, Opinion Columnist April 16, 2024

I’ll never forget it.  I was the fastest kid in my quaint elementary school and was fired up to compete in the annual Olympics-style competition. The most anticipated event of them all was the 4x100m...

Guest contributor says students pose an unacceptable danger to local motorists. (Photo via Nile/Pixabay)

Letter to the editor: No-More-Student-Drivers

Trey Bass, Guest Contributor April 15, 2024

Dear Editor,  I am writing to discuss the current state of our city and some glaring issues I have noticed being perpetrated on the innocent families that call College Station home. I am but a concerned...

Student housing located right outside off campus boundaries on George Bush Drive. 

Guest Commentary: An open letter to City Hall

Ben Crockett, Guest Contributor April 11, 2024

City Council, As representatives of the Texas Aggie Classes of 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027, we write to you today to urge a reconsideration of the No-More-Than-Four policy. Students are having an increasingly...

Students sing the war hymn at The Big Event Ceremony on Saturday, Mar 23, 2024. (Hannah Harrison/The Battalion)

Opinion: Go to student events

Charis Adkins, Opinion Columnist April 9, 2024

I have been a two-percenter. Not only that, but I’ve also shirked my duty to support my fellow Aggies, and I bet you have, too. I’m talking about student events. Go to them! What do I mean by...

Opinion columnists Charis Adkins and Bj Barnes offer a humble apology to readers. Too long have we been publishing anti-A&M propaganda, but never again. (Graphic by Caroline Dollar/The Battalion)

Opinion: Our deepest apologies

Charis Adkins and Bj Barnes April 9, 2024

We come to you this week with our tails between our legs and our heads hung low.  We’ve seen your comments, taken them into serious consideration and are ready to address the longhorn in the room.  While...

Dreading a drab cubicle job after graduation? Opinion columnist Benjamin Barnes says times are changing and a new generation of workers is on the rise. (Photo via 12019/Pixabay)

Opinion: Death to the 9-5 grind

Bj Barnes April 9, 2024

Farewell to the five-day workweek. Sayonara to the suckers wasting away in corporate cubicles and good riddance to greedy, backstabbing bosses.  These are only some of the tantalizing taboo thoughts...

Arts criticism writer Abby Jarrett says “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” falls majorly short of cinematic mastery. (Photo via Toho Co., Ltd./Warner Bros. Pictures/IMDb)

‘Godzilla x Kong’: Plot as thick as paper

Abby Jarrett, Life & Arts Writer April 8, 2024

Rating: 3/10   It’s time to put this franchise, if you can even call it that, out of its misery.  “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” was released on March 29 and has received a plethora...

Art Critic Emma Ehle says Beyoncé’s “Cowboy Carter” is a powerful, thematically complex reclamation of country music. (Cover via Beyoncé/Twitter)

Beyoncé Transcends Genre, Politics and Racial Prejudice on ‘Cowboy Carter’

Emma Ehle, Life & Arts Writer April 8, 2024

Rating: 9/10   On Nov. 2, 2016, R&B supernova Beyoncé was met with hostility, beratement and blatant racism after performing the “Lemonade” track “Daddy Lessons” with The Chicks...

Does your tattoo affect employment opportunities? Charis Adkins says no, but that doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind just yet. (Graphic by Ethan Mattson/The Battalion)

Opinion: Give your future tattoos some extra thought

Charis Adkins, Opinion Columnist April 5, 2024

Our moms all warned us that we’d regret getting tattoos. That they wouldn’t look so cool when we were old and wrinkly. That we’d never be able to find a job with visible ink. Sorry, Mom, but that’s...

Are books the ultimate status symbol? Opinion writer Isabella Garcia considers the implications of the hot case for hot-girl reading. (Graphic by Corynn Young/The Battalion)

Opinion: Reading, the new hot-girl trend

Isabella Garcia April 3, 2024

When you see posts of dark literature sprawled prettily across the floor, what comes to mind? Or of mysteriously obscured girls with perfectly disheveled hair standing in front of a case of books, chic...

Should an app that sexualizes kids still be permitted within the United States? Opinion columnist Bj Barnes says it’s time to ditch TikTok. (Graphic by Ethan Mattson/The Battalion)

Opinion: Tick tock, TikTok

Bj Barnes, Opinion Columnist March 28, 2024

The bipartisan bill that rocketed to the top of national headlines after passing the House 352-65 could spell doom for everyone’s favorite Chinese spying app, TikTok. The massively popular Beijing-based...

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