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The Battalion

Grayson Poage, civil engineering junior

What is your Aggie story? 

For as long as I can remember, I've bled maroon. You know, one of my very earliest memories was coming to Aggieland and seeing the Corps of Cadets and hearing them march into Kyle Field before a fightin’ Texas Aggie football game. Ever since that moment, I think I always deep down knew I would end up here … Through high school, I figured out I wanted to do engineering here. And it was a really great school for that, too. So when I decided to join the Corps of Cadets and come to Texas A&M, I could not be more happy with where I ended up. I always knew I was on that path, but what I didn't know was just how welcoming everybody here would be and how much they would care for me. Since I've been here, I was a part of the Fish drill team my freshman year in the Corps of Cadets and Company E-2, and then I had the privilege of taking care of Miss Reveille as the mascot corporal my sophomore year. Since then, I, of course, was elected a junior yellow leader last year, which has been the experience of a lifetime. I've recently become a member of the Maroon Coats. 

What organizations are you involved with?

Organizations that I'm involved with here at Texas A&M would be Mascot Company E-2 in the Corps of Cadets. I'm also a Yell leader, so part of Texas A&M Yell Leaders. I’m also in the Maroon Coats and I attend Faith Bible Church here in town. 

Why are you running for Yell Leader, and why do you think you’re qualified?

I'm running for senior leader because this past year, and really my whole time at Texas A&M, I've been so inspired and encouraged by the relationships that I've been able to make. Whether that be just as a freshman, you know, walking on campus, meeting people, or in this past year in this role, I've met so many people that I otherwise would not have been able to meet. And that's been truly the privilege and honor of a lifetime. Just getting to know those people makes an impact in any way I can and hopefully serve them. Just like people did for me when I was a freshman, helping me feel welcome. I want to be able to do that for those people, too. 

What is your favorite tradition? 

I would say my personal favorite tradition is Reveille. You know, I think that there's nothing better than something that brightens the face, the smile on people's face every single day. For me, I've had a special part of that. But I feel like she's also something that everybody here at Texas A&M can take part in and be happy about. 

What is your favorite yell?

My favorite yell’s got to be “Locomotive.” It's a longer one, which I think people engage in more during it. You know, it's one of the ones we don't do as much, but when we do it, the crowd gets really loud. And it's almost like you can hear that train coming down lower, and that's the point of it, so I really enjoy that one. 

If you could hang out with any former student, who would it be and why?

If I could hang out with any former student again, I would say it'd be my great uncle, Roy Elrod. He served in World War II, and he passed just recently when he was in his 90s. But he told me some of the coolest stories I've ever heard. About his time in the war and also just his life. It's a different, completely different world. Super inspired by that and someone I would love to sit down with and hang out with again. 

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