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The Battalion

Kyler Fife, communication sophomore

What is your Aggie story?

So, I’m actually a first-generation Aggie. My dad was a Texas Tech Red Raider and my mom went to a T.U. system school. I didn’t ever come to Texas A&M until September of 2021, where I got to experience the Kent State game where we striped the stands with red, white and blue to honor the anniversary of 9/11. From that moment, I knew I wanted to be a Fightin’ Texas Aggie, and I left Kyle Field that day trying to find out exactly what that meant. 

What organizations are you a part of?

I am currently involved with the Corps of Cadets, a member of Squadron 5, Traditions Council and I just got into Maroon Coats and I am a 5 for Yell candidate.

Why are you running for Yell Leader?

I am running for Yell Leader because when I first came to Kyle Field for that Kent State game, I saw the unique passion and love those five men in white had for the university. I could tell they wanted to give everything they had to Texas A&M University. In my time here, the organizations, the 12th Man and pretty much everything at Texas A&M University has shaped my life tremendously, and I want to spend the next two years — Lord willing — giving back to this community, being the smiling face on campus that can greet every new student, and just serving the 12th Man in every way possible.

What is your favorite tradition?

My favorite campus tradition is Silver Taps. I am actually on the Silver Taps committee with the Traditions Council. I remember my first Silver Taps like it was yesterday. I called my mom and dad afterward just crying my eyes out because I didn’t understand a community that was so willing and able to bond and mourn a fellow Aggie even if they didn’t know them. This is something that on the first Tuesday of every month still sticks with me and now having the opportunity to communicate and work with those families changes my life each time. 

What is your favorite yell?

My favorite yell is “Locomotive.” It is just so fun, and I love hearing the people mess up as we go through it. I just think it’s funny and it's a good laugh and the 12th Man gets so excited every time we do it.

If you could hang out with any former student, who would it be and why?

I would love to hang out with Frank Cox, Class of [1965.] He was in Squadron 2 of the Corp of Cadets, and he was a Yell Leader. He is a great Christian figure, and after his time at A&M he wrote a book called “I bleed Maroon,” and in that, he talks about how Texas A&M shaped his life and his journey as a man of God and gives it all back to God.

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