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The Battalion

Sawyer Rabalais, communication sophomore

What is your Aggie story?

My Aggie story begins with my Aggie mom, Class of 1997. She raised me on the Aggie values, and when it got time to picking a college, there wasn’t a doubt about where I wanted to go. I only applied to one college. Unfortunately, A&M didn’t want me at first. They sent me off for the [Program for System Admission], and I took a year at A&M-Commerce. But now, I am here, and that is all that matters, and I am happy for that experience because it taught me the hard work needed to be going here and made getting here that much more great. 

What organizations are you a part of?

I am a part of Aggie Transition Camps, I’m on the officer board for the Philosophy Club and I’m also a part of Walton Bonfire. 

Why are you running for Yell Leader?

The reason I am running for Yell Leader is just as much as I am a part of this university, I feel like this university is a part of me, and I really want to embody the Aggie Spirit for all the 12th Man. Why I believe I am qualified is as I am running for this position, I have truly committed myself to not just representing the student body, but representing this university’s values as a part of my mission. I believe that if elected to such a position of Yell Leader that I would put everything I can into representing that Aggie Spirit the way I believe it should be represented. 

What is your campaign platform?

I believe a Yell Leader should be four things and these are the four things I would dedicate myself to being if I became a Yell Leader. No. 1, I believe a Yell Leader should represent the student body. No. 2, I believe a Yell Leader should represent this university’s values because it is what we are built on. No. 3, I believe a Yell Leader should go above and beyond for the 12th Man because we deserve it. No. 4, most importantly of all, I believe a Yell Leader should be a friend, somebody you see on campus and you can approach, and somebody that actually reaches out to the entirety of the student body to see how they feel about things. 

What is your favorite tradition?

My favorite tradition is Bonfire Remembrance. Being out there this past year, I was able to truly understand what it meant by “There’s a spirit that can ne’er be told.” I really enjoyed myself there, but being able to understand the story of the 12 [Aggies] lost from the tragedy and just knowing that everyone was still out there for them regardless of how late it was, and there being a game the next day and it being Midnight Yell just recently. Being out there, it felt like that was my welcoming to the Aggie family.

What is your favorite yell?

My favorite yell is “Aggies,” not just because it was the first one I was able to learn from the first ever game I went to. But I also just love how loud the stadium can get and hearing it for the first time on an actual gameday, it was so impressive to me like, “Wow, this has to be the best stadium experience in Texas — if not in the entire world.”

If you could hang out with any former student, who would it be and why?

So, I do love the current former students I hang out with, but if I had to choose one that I could really want to hang out with it would be [Arouna “Boo Boo” Davies Jr.] He was a Yell Leader in 2002, I recently talked to him over the phone, and he sounds like a really outstanding guy. He passed down a lot of wisdom to me, and he would be the one I would want to spend some time with.

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