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The Battalion

Val McNeill, industrial distribution junior

What is your Aggie story? 

My Aggie story is a little bit untraditional. I come from out of state. My grandfather, he went to that little school up the road, but he was a lieutenant colonel in the United States Army. He loved Texas A&M, the Corps and the Aggie Band. He's the one who told me that I should apply here. When I came to Texas, I didn't know a single soul in the entire state, but I've made so many amazing connections here.  I cannot thank my grandfather enough for enlightening me to this opportunity.

What organizations are you involved with?

I am an entrepreneurship Fellow at both the McFerrin Center and the Malloy Engineering Innovation Program. I encourage and connect past, present and future Aggie entrepreneurs. Nothing makes me happier. I'm also an active member in Kappa Delta sorority and Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity. I have previous experience serving in class councils as a chief of staff for one of the class presidents.

Why are you running for student body president, and why do you think you’re qualified for this position?  

I'm an entrepreneur. In college, I've started three businesses. You might know me from selling margarita mix in a bag, or cheese-stuffed burgers in the streets, but I also have a patent pending medical device. I know that the skills that I've learned from hands-on business operations will allow me to make a tangible impact in our community. To get my burger stand on campus last month, it took me 78 emails and 31 phone calls. To be frank. It was a bureaucratic nightmare. But as student body president, my emails will go further and my calls will last longer. I can make a change. Let me deal with the bureaucracy on your behalf.

What is your campaign platform?

I’m passionate about making action happen. I can take your ideas and turn them into tangible ideas at our university. I’m passionate about disability services, transportation and involvement in local government. I’m promoting filling in potholes by reporting them to College Station. I’ve had two holes filled in in front of Nam Cafe, and you can have the same. Join me in the month of February reporting potholes.

My roommate is missing seven and a half organs, so I know a thing or two about disability resources. A surprisingly common issue our students face is being ghosted by their professors. I know that Texas A&M professors are good people who only want to see their students succeed. I'm advocating for a precedent to be set for crisis communication that teachers can call upon during these times. I admire the SGA and what they've done in City Hall to fight “no more than four.” I want to continue going to these meetings to press on that issue, as well as see how our Texas A&M University impacts the local community.

What is your campaign slogan?

Vote Val for transparency in student government.

Why do you think students should vote for you? 

I'm passionate about what I do, and when I am set on an idea, I make it happen. I love inspiring through action. I hope that my business experiences and even this campaign can show the student body that they can accomplish anything.

If you could hang out with any former student, who would it be and why? 

I'd have to say Dude Perfect. I really admire them as entrepreneurs, as well as Anthony Wood, CEO of Roku. 

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